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The Advantages of Breastfeeding Right After Birth

Breastfeeding your baby within the first hour of existence is critical for their health. Breastfeeding allows babies to benefit from their mother's colostrum, which includes antibodies that strengthen your baby's immune system.

Babies acquire powerful instincts when placed skin-to-skin with their…

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Breathing Techniques to Prepare for an Epidural

Epidurals are a standard procedure that can help relieve pain and temporarily reduce sensation. They are generally safe and effective. Your doctor will give you specific instructions about the procedure, including what to do before getting an epidural and what must happen immediately. Understanding …

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Strategies For Dealing With Postpartum Anxiety

If you have postpartum anxiety, there are ways to deal with it. Some of these strategies will help you calm your mind and body, while others will help you stay focused on the important things in life. Anxiety is a normal part of pregnancy and becoming a parent. But when it becomes overwhelming, it c…

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